“A radical transformation. You will learn all about the hopeless broken girl I used to be. It’s out of that brokenness you will meet the woman I was destined to become!”

Although Muscular Dystrophy was the catalyst helping me to see my need for God, this story is not just about physical suffering; It’s for precious souls who are weary… souls who simply feel beaten down by life.

“In my spirit, I strongly believe I am to publish Volume One, Volume Two, Volume Three, etc… Because when the healing comes, people will see how I persevered through the good, the bad, and the ugly. And God will receive much glory!”

What a radical change God has made in my life… and my Memoir is all about that change. It isn’t so much about Muscular Dystrophy, although that was the adversity/trial that was used to veer me off the destructive path I was traveling on. Yeah, it’s my story, but you can plug yourself and your specific trial in place of MD, get hope and be encouraged at the same time.


A Blessing in the Storm – Volume One (Free pdf)
A Blessing in the Storm – Volume Two (Free pdf)
A Voice Crying in the Wilderness – Volume Three (Free pdf)